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This is our kit that has a few superficial imperfections: small chips and edge splinters from testing a new plywood vendor, some scratches, and a few puttied screw holes. This kit is fully functional.

If you're not worried about having a car camping solution with a few dings and scuffs –which, let's face it, all outdoor gear is going to get dings and scuffs – this one is for you. 

The perfect kit for turning your SUV/crossover into a camper or bed on wheels.

What makes CarCamp unique:

  • A collapsible design. The kit has three pieces that all slide on top of the base of the kit. This means that you can take a weekend trip and when you're done, just slide the kit into the cargo space, put your seats up and you have full use of your back seats and floor area. 
  • Drawer accessibility. Whether the kit is closed in the cargo space, or unfolded for sleeping, the drawers are still accessible. This means that your camping necessities don't ever have to leave the car. Keep your bed and your gear in your vehicle and be ready for adventure at all times! 
  • Fully adjustable supports under the front end of the kit. This means that even if your back seats aren't completely flat when they're folded, your kit and bed can be level
  • Spacers to combat unlevel cargo space. Each CarCamp kit comes with spacers of varying height to lift your kit and create a level sleeping surface. Even if your cargo space is level, keep the spacers in your car to give lift to one end of your kit in a pinch if the surface you're parked on isn't fully level.  
  • Easily collapsible and modular. We've used a pre-finished plywood to create a durable, yet sleek modular kit. The goal is to make this product accessible to those who are smaller, or who may have difficulty moving the kit from their residence into their car. The kit comes apart into four pieces, the heaviest weighing under 30 pounds. The goal is for this kit to be movable without having to rely on a big meathead for help. 


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