Collection: Rental Kits

This is for the deposit or pre-arranged paid or free rental of a CarCamp kit. The deposit is full refundable when the kit is returned by end-of-day on the agreed day. A $50 late fee will be assessed for each additional day. 


Renter acknowledges that their credit card information is on file with the Owner as a security measure. The credit card will only be charged additionally under the following conditions:

a. Damage to the drawer slides will result in an $90 charge per individual damaged slide.

b. Replacement of drawers without damage to slides will result in a charge of $150 per drawer.

c. Replacement of the base of the kit will result in an $800 charge.

d. Replacement of the second and third tiers of the kit will result in a charge of $600 per tier.

e. Replacement of tri-fold mattress $100

f. Replacement of linen sheet set $120

g. $50 per day for late return of the kit, or any parts of the kit, after the rental agreement “End Date"


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